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Petra Whitaker

Petra Whitaker writes from Southern California. A recent transplant from Chicago, she lived a number of years in Oregon where she wrote while finishing her master’s degree. Former contributing editor of Family Times Magazine, she served as a poetry editor of U.C. Riverside’s Arts and Literary Journal, Mosaic. She is currently managing editor of Red Box KitePetra writes online content and ad copy for a number of national and international brands. You can view her nonfiction portfolio here.



Poetry Appears in the following Lit Magazines:

  • Mosaic
  • Connotation Press
  • Poydras Review
  • The Applicant
  • The Whistling Fire

Poetry Anthologies:

  • Fault Lines:  A Journal of West Coast Poetry
  • As One Cradles Pain

If you are interested in freelance copywriting, contact Petra at iiCopy. 


Google Plus: Petra Whitaker (lovescoffee1964)


Twitter:  lovespoetry64