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A 2010 graduate of UCR-Palm Desert’s MFA program, Kimbel Westerson is back in the States after traveling for two years throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her writing concerns the environment, travel, and the power of place. She is also at work on “Untethered”, a book about her travels and our search for home. Westerson teaches writing at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Her articles and travel writings are available at

Current Publications:

“The Stuff We’re Made Of”, Sojourns: The Dirt Issue, Winter/Spring 2014

With the understanding that we are indeed the stuff of stars, this article offers an examination of our relationship to the majesty of the Colorado Plateau.


“The Biggest Problem You’ve Never Heard Of: Science Community Studies Dwindling Phosphorus Supplies”, Green Living Magazine, Nov. 2013

“Little Green Machines: Algae and our Future”, Green Living Magazine, Oct. 2013


“Red Rock Magnetism: Destination Sedona”, Green Living Magazine, Sep. 2013

“Staying in the Solution: Filmmaker Peter Byck Teaches Sustainability Storytelling”, Green Living Magazine, Aug. 2013

“By Any Other Name: Deregulation or ‘Retail Competition’?”, Green Living Magazine, June 2013