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Kevin Jones is currently a screenwriting professor in this very program, as well as at the American Film Institute, where he serves as the Head of the Creative Mentors, and also is an active independent producer and screenwriter. Previously, Kevin served as Vice President of Paramount Pictures, where he supervised all aspects of film development, Senior Vice President of Columbia Pictures, the President of XL Pictures, President of Concrete Entertainment and as an independent producer of several feature projects. During his tenure at Columbia, he supervised production on several features including “Excess Baggage,” “Multiplicity,” “Money Train,” “The Net,” “Get On the Bus” and “Geronimo: An American Legend. Prior to joining Columbia, Jones was vice president of production at Paramount Pictures, where he was involved in productions includi”ng “Forrest Gump,” “Star Trek V,” “Coming to America,” “Another 48 HRS.” and “Fat Man and Little Boy.   Kevin holds an undergraduate degree in Drama & English from Dartmouth and, we are pleased to report, holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the Low Residency program at the  University of California, Riverside.