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Anne SilvaAnne Silva is originally from San Diego but now lives in a community called Mt. Washington in Los Angeles that has the highest ratio of Toyota Prius cars with Obama bumper stickers than any other California community. She has studied at San Diego Mesa College (Child Development), San Diego State University (English), University of Hawaii (Journalism) and Goddard College (Creative Writing) in Vermont.

Anne works as a media and employee communications manager for a large natural gas company but dreams of someday retiring  as a rich and famous writer (but not by writing about hydraulic fracturing). She has had several staged readings of her play “Fish Tales” in San Diego, wrote the plaques for “Tribute to Cannery Workers Park,” and a lot of feature, hard news and travel articles for many newspapers and publications. One of her first creative pieces was in the sixth grade when she wrote “Rindercella” a feminist take on Cinderella to the delight of her Ms Magazine-reading teachers. She also was once put on restriction for writing a short story her parents didn’t like and loudly proclaimed her First Amendment Rights. She was 11. Her father decided she had “no rights.”

Anne currently writes about the Portuguese (her own) and Samoan (adopted) cultures and is trying to fictionalize some real life events without pissing anyone off. Between work and school in her spare time (of which there is not a lot) Anne likes hang out with her ever-growing nieces and nephews, travel, check out plays, musicals and movies, new restaurants and stalk certain celebs. If you check out her Facebook page you can see Anne’s latest “victims.”