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8:00am: Breakfast


9:00am – 10:30am

Samanta Helou Hernandez (NF)

Multi-Media Storytelling. There are stories everywhere and everyone has an interesting story. Take advantage of what you know, your culture, and your expertise, but also the tools available to you – be it print, audio, photos, video – to tell a compelling story. Because today’s audience demands more than just words on a page. They want a full sensory experience. So in this talk multi-media storyteller Samanta Helou Hernandez will walk you through the essence of the trade, including social media storytelling, video storytelling, audio storytelling, and much, much more. [Before the lecture, we recommend that you visit Samanta’s website to see some samples of her work: http://www.samantahelou.com/published/]

Room: Salon 5

9:00am – 10:30pm

Guest Faculty Lecture: Andrew Nicholls (S)

DISCOMFORT, INADEQUACY, FAILURE AND LOSS:   Adapting your sense of humor to market formats:  how an awareness of the different requirements of monologue, animation, standup, sitcom, stage, sketch, film and print can inform humor writing.

Room: Salon 6


Guest Faculty Lecture: HelenKay Dimon (F)

Writing Romance In The Times of #MeToo. There’s been a paradigm shift…has romance fiction caught up? More importantly, even if you’re not writing romance specifically, how do you write romance in a way that is sensitive to the world we actually live in? In this talk romance writer HelenKay Dimon will talk about the existential and the tangible issues facing the very real issues of fictional romance.

Room: Salon 6


Guest Faculty Lecture: Chris Levinson (S) w/Bill Rabkin

Writing the Pilot. Veteran showrunner Chris Levinson and Bill Rabkin talk about pilots that sell, pilots that don’t sell, and getting on shows.

Room: Salon 5

1:15pm  – 4:15pm: Cross-Genre Workshops

Classes will be held in the Las Flores Conference Center
Map: http://www.rancholaspalmas.com/resort-map

Salons 1, 2 and 8 are located in the main conference and meeting area
Map: http://www.rancholaspalmas.com/resort-map


If you are currently editing/reading for The Coachella Review or wish to be considered for editorial or reading spots in 2018, please attend this important meeting

Room: Salon 5


Evening Program: Amazon editor Laura Van der Veer in conversation on Amazon, their imprints, how they do business, and what she’s looking for.

Room: Salon 6