January Student & Alum News

  January was a month filled with the usual awesome success of our students and alums. Here's a brief rundown of the cool things our people have going on. And thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for keeping it all recorded! Amie Charney's short story "The Red" was accepted by AS YOU WERE. Annemarie Hauser accepted a job working for [...]

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This Is What We Talk About When We Talk About Student Success

It’s the time of year when graduate schools in creative writing begin to take new applications for their spring classes, which means it’s the time of year when people get nervous about whether or not going to graduate school in creative writing is worth it. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve operated under the guiding philosophy that if our writers aren’t publishing [...]

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December Student & Alum News

December was very good to our students and alums. Thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for doing the detective work! Anna Hozian's web series, OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN, received a write-up in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE this month. Her drama SOMEDAY, OHIO was also named a finalist (and came in fourth overall) in ScreenCraft's Feature Script Contest. Ashley Mag Gabbert has several [...]

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November Student & Alum Publication Highlights

We're a little late here, because we've been away at residency making magic happen...but let's be clear: November was another amazing month for our students and alums. Thanks, as ever, to Yennie Cheung for compiling this list of greatness: Here's just a taste: Alexandra Neumeister appeared at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA on November 5 to sign copies of the [...]

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October Student & Alum News

October was another amazing month for our students and alums! Here's a brief write-up of a few big highlights. (And thanks to Yennie Cheung for being the official archivist of the MFA!) Alexandra Neumeister's first published story, "Hidden Depths," was printed in the horror anthology CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN'. She signed at the anthology's events at Mysterious Galaxy and Warwick's in San [...]

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Welcome Fall 2017 Cohort: Student Bios

We're proud to announce our new class of writers! Interested in joining them? Applications for Spring 2018 are due February 1st. For more information contact us at   Suzanne Bailey is old enough to feel uncomfortable putting her personal information on the World Wide Web, but is okay with letting you know that she holds a B.A. in Creative [...]

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August Student & Alumni News

It's been another stellar month for our students & alums! If we missed anything, please send a note to  PUBLICATIONS - Congratulations to Kaia Gallagher, who celebrated her first publication in August! "Just a Hug" ran in FLASH FICTION MAGAZINE. - Tom Mavroudis's story "Terror from the 50-Yard Line" came out in the video game horror anthology TERROR IN [...]

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July Student & Alumni News

Thanks to esteemed alum Yennie Cheung who tracks this for us each month! July, as ever, has been a great month for our alums and students: PUBLICATIONS - This month in our never-ending quest for WORLD DOMINATION: JoAnn Chaney's novel WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW is now available in Polish. - Jeff Meyers had a short story called "Every Body Dies" [...]

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Our Spring 17 Guest Faculty

Each residency we welcome a slate of guest faculty members from all sides of the writing world -- authors, screenwriters, journalists, editors, agents, producers, and industry professionals -- to lead seminars, read our graduating students' work, and provide expert insight into what it takes to lead a life in the arts. Our Spring residency touches off on June 2...and these [...]

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The Continuing Legacy of the Barbara Seranella Award

Since 2015, the Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts at the University of California, Riverside has been proud to be the home of the Barbara Seranella Award, an honor given to an incoming MFA student who best exemplifies the indomitable spirt, tenacity, and boundless generosity of the late writer Barbara Seranella. The award is [...]

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